Dark Fantasy

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Once upon a time there was a girl called Mathelda. She was a shy weakling, with a deep hoarse voice whose mother, the evil witch Dethdemona, had always ridiculed her. Poor Mathelda! All she ever wanted was to be loved and to be as beautiful as her stepsister, Rosalynn. How was she to know that her desire would spark a wicked plan in her mother’s mind? But, where there are dark forces, there are also forces of light. This time they come embodied in the power of the good sorceress, Saraphina, and a mysterious white owl whose big blue eyes see everything. This is no ordinary battle of good against evil. This is the battle of courage, loyalty, and righteousness. This is the journey of finding one’s true self. 

Available here

Once upon a time there was an impoverished kingdom in the North. Queen Eleanor did what she could to restore the prosperity for which it was once know, but no effort seemed to be strong enough. At her greatest moment of despair, she called upon Death to take her away. Death, however, refused and instead, told her of an eternal future filled with prosperity in only she could lift the curse that had been cast over her land centuries ago by the Serpent King. But the Serpent King would not be persuaded without an offering. What or whom will Queen Eleanor give up to help her kingdom?

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