New Adult

Mr. Right Now

Book One in the Mr. Right Trilogy

It is the spring of 1997, and Kara had just moved to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, whose charm enchants her with the desire to find big love. Unfortunately, she seems to fall head over heals for men who have nothing to offer her and run from those who do. And as if her ludicrous dates weren't enough to deal with, her unusual combination of friends--one gay, one a virgin, one dating a married man, and one whose rule of thumb is to "give it up on the first date in order to start a romantic relationship"--isn't of much help in the matters of the heart either. Perhaps a kiss in the middle of the Charles Bridge could finally bring her happiness. But wait. That's just an old tale, and Kara is twenty-two years old. Old enough to stop believing in fairy tale happy endings.


Mr. Right Next Door

Book Two in the Mr. Right Trilogy

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