Thursday, January 10, 2013

(in)Convenience Fee

It was my birthday yesterday and since I turned ancient, my husband’s idea was that he would take me to a stand-up comedy show this weekend, so that I could laugh all the way to what I can only assume is a march over the hill. Unfortunately, he works too many hours and too many days out of the week, so (as usual) it was up to me to make the arrangements. I didn’t mind. If you want something done right, you must do it yourself.

I just purchased the tickets and got so effing ticked off! Can anyone explain to me what the hell is a “convenience fee”? And why the hell is it tacked on to the price of each ticket? Whose convenience are we talking about here? I feel like I must be paying extra money because I purchased the tickets electronically; now the comedy club doesn’t have to hire a person to work their box office. Or am I paying extra because I am not wasting the club’s paper since they are not the ones printing the tickets for me? Or perhaps I am paying extra because the tickets that won’t be printed also won’t be mailed to me; I just have to bring my confirmation number and show up with an ID at the door. Oh, wait! This is all convenient for the comedy club not for me! So shouldn’t they pay me??? Where’s the logic in all this?

As hard as I think about it, I can’t figure it out. Perhaps I am paying for the convenience of being able to sit down during the show. That used to be a given in the days of my youth. But I guess times are hard and the economy is not yet ready to stand on its feet, so I’ll ask for only one thing: give me my convenience fee back, and I’ll find some standing room. 

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