Sunday, December 30, 2012

Leap into 2013

We are about to end this year and start a new one. It kind of makes me sad. I loved 2012. It’s been really good to me. For one, I got to survive the “12. 21. 2012 End of the World”! Just kidding here. Like most of you I knew, of course, that nothing was going to happen. But it’s been fun watching the others (especially my sister-in-law) panic. Don’t you ever think that the Mayans may have had a sense of humor and pulled the prank of the century on us? Or even better: a prank of ALL TIMES. And since we are all still here and most of us still have our wits together, I’d like to know only one thing: Where is Peter Gersten? This crazy kookoo said that he was going to jump through a portal in the sky at exactly 11:11 am on 12/21/12 and thereby save the world because the aliens told him that it is the only way to rescue humanity from an ancient prophecy. Please watch this nut-job here:

And since he didn’t jump (or as he says he did, but his camera malfunctioned and nothing could be recorded), yet earned lots of cash to do so because of his website set up to collect donations (seriously, why do you need money to jump off a cliff? It’s FREE. And he should have done it in his birthday suit to make it count!), I say to those who donated money: hunt him down and throw him off the cliff (you never know, the portal may still be open). Or just beat the crap out of him. Peter Gersten belongs to the kind of people who prey on other people’s fears. He truly should jump through a portal and land in a place where it’s raining money, but where one pays for stuff with water.

Anyway, enough of nagging about that scumbag scammer. As I’ve said, this year has been good to me. My health and sanity are still functioning quite well, my imagination and Muses still hang around, and that’s pretty much all I really need. I also did a little traveling this year. I got to visit India, Afghanistan, England, Japan, and France, all without ever leaving my couch. No, I did not browse the internet. I used a device that smells great, feels wonderful to the touch, lets you know what others are thinking, can move you back and forth in time, and requires no electricity, gas, or batteries. What could such a sophisticated device be, you wonder? A BOOK. Here’s my TOP 5 of the books I’ve read or re-read this year:

    Life of Pie by Yann Martel
     The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseinin
    The Hours by Michael Cunningham
     A Pale View of Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro
  Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Michael Cunningham even signed his book for me; check it out.

To Aneta, here's to your own literary future, Peace, Michael Cunningham

What were your favorite titles? And do you already have your book stock pile for next year? I’m working on mine and am always open to suggestions, so please comment below. I’d like to get started before my birthday, which is only 11 days away. Turning older is no fun, but I look at it as a strategic move because with age comes wisdom (or so I’ve heard) and I always enjoy getting a little smarter. And I’ve heard that books make you just that. One thing my gained wisdom has taught me over the years is to never make a new year’s resolution.  In my case it never works. I am known to procrastinate, so by the time I even come up with a resolution to make, the new year is already here, and then it just makes no sense to follow through with something I was reluctant to come up with in the first place. Instead, I make long term goals. When I was 10, I said I would become an astronaut; when I was 15, I said I would move to America; when I was 20, I said I would write books; when I was 25, I said I would get a Master’s Degree; when I was 30, I said I would never make any new year’s resolutions. I can see that all’s working out as planned, well, except for the astronaut thing…but, hey, you never know...

So let’s not break our brains trying to figure out what we’re going to do next year. Take it one day at a time. So far, there are no threats or prophecies to be fulfilled as far as the end of the world goes for next year, so only the people with Triskaidekaphobia, which is the fear of number 13, have something to worry about. The rest of you...have a fabulous new year, make memories, make love, make the people around you happy, and above all, make good choices.

Happy New Year! Cheers!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Queen of Procrastination

Jeez, it’s been a while since I posted here. I need to get up and have someone kick my butt for neglecting the Conundrum Corner, especially since I’ve had countless conundrums on my mind lately. So, first things first. Since Poe’s return life has fallen back onto its normal, hectic (that is my normal) rails.

I began a class on screenwriting. It is great but very difficult if you’re a novelist, therefore the boss of everything that happens in your story. Filmmaking is a collaboration of many artists such as Director, Producer, Actors, Cameramen, Editor, Costumes Designers, Musicians, etc.—you get the picture (no pun intended)—and the Screenwriter is the foundation of the movie, but not the visionary (this ah-sucks), and therefore rarely recognized (Seriously, can you tell me, off the top of your head, who wrote the script of your favorite movie? No? Shame on you!). Therein lies the problem.

Screenwriters are always chastised for “overdirecting” the script. But I can’t help not getting a little worked up if the character and his/her actions in the director’s head don’t mirror those in my head! I think this class will teach me how to share (my ideas) and how to stay as brief as possible in describing what is to be seen/heard on screen, which is truly difficult if you love words. So my writing agenda is beginning to grow. My novel, The Guardian, which I’m guarding from everyone until it’s ripe because it is just too awesome and will be a bestseller one day (this I just know) is now going to be a screenplay as well.

Next, I have officially joined the ranks of wonderful writers at Black Opal Books and my picture and bio is up on their website, so please check it out. I also got word that BOB’s Senior Editor (yikes) has begun editing Heartbreak Hotel. This is great and a little scary at the same time as I’m eagerly expecting suggestions for revision. Revisions are like the peanut butter to the jelly of first drafts (btw, there is never only one first draft). Without them, your book sandwich would be pretty plain. And if an author tells you that s/he doesn’t revise, then s/he is either stuck up or lying.

And finally, Christmas is around the corner and I haven’t even sent out Christmas cards, started baking my famous cookies, or shopping for gifts. Now, I had already mentioned several times in my other posts that I am the Queen of Procrastination, but from today’s post you see that it is not by choice. With this I’d like to apologize to the postal system that cashes in on me BIG TIME during the holidays as I always mail cards to my family and friends all over Europe and to everyone who will not receive a Season’s Greeting from the Cruz Family this year. Please, at least accept this picture.