Thursday, November 8, 2012

How It All Started...

It has finally happened. After many years of writing, stalking agents, publishers, editors, creative writing professors, submitting to magazines, journals, anthologies, e-zines, etc. someone must have either gotten tired of me or realized that hey, this chick is for real and she is here to stay. That someone is the acquisition editor of Black Opal Books. She offered me a publishing contract; I accepted, signed, and the rest, as they say, will have become history.

I am honored, proud, and excited to share this wonderful news. Black Opal Books has acquired the rights to Heart-Break Hotel and will be releasing it under its label. When I read the acquisition editor’s email that stated, “I’m delighted with it (Heart-Break Hotel manuscript). I think it would make an excellent addition to our Chick Lit line and would like to offer you a contract to publish it,” I screamed with excitement, and I think I may have even peed my undies a little. Anyway, you will probably be seeing my debut novel out next year, with a different cover and perhaps even a different name. I will also be creating a website where you will be able to find my Conundrum Corner blog, bio, stories, poems, and maybe I'll throw in some of my delicious recipes. My wonderful friend, Paula Stinson, will be taking pictures of me—and I tell ya, she’s a fabulous photographer, so I know I won’t frighten anyone with my mug—which I have to submit, with my bio, to the Black Opal Books’ website, so please take a look. I’ll let you know when it is up.

I will be pulling the original version of Heart-Break Hotel off the market in the next few days, but my collection of poetry and prose called a-Muse-me[a]nt is available. In it you can find the short story (among many others) on which my novel is based. Happy reading everyone!

Oh, and a big YAY for OBAMA! What a charismatic Mr. President we have!


  1. Because, my is your destiny. Congratulations!!! I had no doubt this day would come. And it is just the beginning.

    1. Thank you, Paula, for always having faith in me. You are my inspiration!