Saturday, September 22, 2012

Krooked Kop and a Krow

Yesterday was a great day! Viktoria scored high on a math test about which she was worried for almost a week. I went to an interview and got the job! Now I have a permanent position with the CVUSD! Billy didn’t throw one of his OCD tantrums—which is always good because if you know Billy, you also know that everything has to be just so. And my husband started writing poetry! He is actually quite good at it, though he asks every five seconds, "How do you spell.... [insert any word] ?"

Anyway, all good things come to an end, and so did our great day. Today we woke up a little later than we were supposed to, rushed to Billy’s soccer game, got pulled over, and received a speeding ticket by a jerkosaurus cop who still had donut crumbs on his chin and was parked in the oncoming traffic (is that even legal?) Crook!

Oh, well. That’s life. Anyway, below is my husband’s first work of brilliance. Enjoy!

Koo-Koo Krow on a Kraps Shoot
by Gary Cruz

Koo-Koo Krow on a kraps shoot—
Morning dew, sliver of light.
The hungry krow: What a sight!

It’s warm; it’s fresh,
maybe even its last breath.
A twisted tail-tease,
an early morning dinner with ease.
And not a high-beam in sight.

Now or never would be too late.
Roll the dice: After all, it’s just some mice!

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